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An Often Underutilized Space: Designing for the Corner Cabinet

Corners always pose a challenge to create functional space. The biggest issue with designing a corner cabinet is that you don’t want it to become dead space. Here are some options to think about adding when designing a corner cabinet:

Folding Door Cabinet

Folding Door: A double door that opens like an accordion takes full advantage of the space and allows for easy access to whatever is inside the cabinet. One way to best organize and utilize this space is to place small appliances in the cabinet. One downside is that you have to have good hinges or over time the door will sag, so make sure your cabinets are of high quality.

Blind Corner: This is a cost-effective method that allows for increased storage for larger, less-used items. With this space there is a single door, but the downside is that you often have to be on your hands and knees to find anything in the cabinet, as the cabinet is deep. If your budget is tight, this cabinet is the cheapest option.

Rear access cabinet

Rear Access Cabinet: If you have designed a peninsula with a corner cabinet, you can simply turn the cabinet to have the door on the backside of the peninsula. This allows for the cabinet corner to look seamless and provides the most usability of space. The one downside is that typically something (i.e. stools) may have to be moved in order to access the rear cabinet door.

Lazy Suzan: A traditional option, the Lazy Susan or swinging pull-out organizers can help you easily obtain your things in a corner cabinet. These organizers reduce the amount of bending and reaching, but also limit the storage space in the cabinet.

Pantry: If you have a corner space and don't want cabinetry there, try designing for a corner-pantry closet. This can be a good option if you want lots of storage, especially for food, dishes, small appliances, linens, or cleaning supplies. A pantry closet adds a room-like space for all of your storage needs.

Kitchen Pantry Closet

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